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I have just shipped another batch of amps off and the next batch is underway.  I still have a few mics left for those interested.  I am off to PA for the weekend so if you need me please feel free to call or email and I will be available.  If I don't reply right away I will ASAP.  Thanks everyone!!


I have some good news today.  The HG30 has been replaced by the new HG35.  You can click the link for the details

A good friend and customer Scott Nickerson is selling the #1 HG50 that came right after Jason Ricci's amp.  It is in new condition with a $90 tuki cover and he is selling it for $1700 plus shipping.  This amp is also signed on the inside by Jason Ricci.  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.  He is selling it because he needs a smaller amp for the gigs he is playing and is looking to get an HG35.

One last note:  I am always getting asked if I have any mics for sale.  Right now I have some great mics available and if you are interested you can get in touch and we can discuss what mic will best fit you.

Once again, thanks to everyone and as always, feel free to write or call with any questions.


The Florida Harmonica Championship went off great!  I don't think I am alone when I say it was a smashing success.  The turnout of both players and harmonica fans was way bigger than anyone expected.  Farley Palmer and Co. did an exceptional job of putting this together and promoting it.  I want to congratulate the new Florida Harmonica Champion Lindsey Mercer.  There was so much talent there I know it was hard to choose but Lindsey did a great job in all the categories and deserved to win.  Make sure you check out the competiton next year if you get the chance.  It is a huge event!  Thanks again to everyone who put the event together and all the participants.  It was a great day!!!

Once again, thanks to everyone and
as always, feel free to write or call with any questions.


Lee Oskar sponsors Florida Harmonica Championship Sunday August 10, 2008 at Beachside in New Smyrna, FL.

After several discussions with Lee, he has offered to send a box of his products to use as prizes and auction items at our show on Sunday. I found Lee to be engaging and down to earth...a really nice guy. We are honored to have a harp player of his expertise as well as a very successful businessman to be helping with our event. He is  sending a personally engraved Lee Oskar 25 year anniversary gold  plated harmonica to be a raffle or auction item...as well as some  other harps, T-shirts, etc. I also have engraved plaques, certificates and a trophy to be offered as awards for the players.  Don't forget about the smoked ribs and pork butt...and the Payne Brothers Blues Band!
I hope everyone is planning to be there...this event will be a blast!  See You There...Farley

Once again, thanks to everyone and
as always, feel free to write or call with any questions.


The trip to New Orleans went great.  I sat in with Mike Hood at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop a few nights while I was there.  I have had a few customers asking me about used amps recently.  I have a customer who is selling a like new HG2 with cover if anyone is interested please feel free to email me for details.

A good friend of mine, John Schaman, M.D. has launched a world-first medical study looking at the lung benefits of playing the harmonica. If interested in checking it out click here.

Once again, thanks to everyone and as always, feel free to write or call with any questions.

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