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I just updated the HG50 page with all the sound samples. You can check it out here.


Today I was surfing around on YouTube and I found a video of Jon Gindick doing his version of Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.  I thought I would share it here.  Be sure to see his other videos on YouTube.  There is a lot to learn there.


Jon Gindick just got in touch with me and I will be one of the coaches at the camp in Dallas TX on April 24th-27th.   If you are looking for a great learning experience please  consider coming to see us in Dallas.  Your playing will grow leaps and bounds with the great assortment of coaches out there.  You can find out more about this class and the other locations he is offering around the country at HarmonicaJamCamp.com  Thanks for looking and I hope to see you there!

Jason just did an HG50 sound sample with no effects for all the people who wanted to hear it dry.

*** 3/23/08 ***

The Gindick Jam Camp in Clarksdale, Miss. was a blast.  I was there as a coach instead of a student this time and I worked with some wonderful people.  It is always great seeing the leaps and bounds that are made by the students as the week progresses.  It was held at the Hopson Commissary right by the crossroads of 49 and 61.  It is on the same grounds as the Shack Up Inn which is the way to stay in the delta if you are headed that way.  One interesting thing to see there is the original Bluesmobile.  Dan Akroyd retired his Bluesmobile there after it spent some time at a House of Blues.  The owner of the commissary, James, was nice enough to take my wife, son and me for a ride around the compound in it.  My son is 6 yrs old and loves the Blues Brothers so he was as excited as ever.  Jon Gindick put a great camp together that had a live band daily to jam with as well as some of the best coaches around to help you get to your next level.  If you ever get time to spend at a Gindick Jam Camp I really recommend that you make one.  I will be coaching at the Virginia Beach Jam Camp Oct. 30th - Nov 2 if you want to come hang out and have a great time learning by the beach.  Here are some pics from Clarksdale.

Billy Gibson and Brian Purdy
Brian and Billy Gibson

Delta Blues Museum
The family at the Delta Blues Museum

Hopson Commissary
The Hopson Commissary

My son and me in the Bluesmobile

*** 3/23/08 ***

I just got back from the Gindick Jam Camp in Clarksdale, Miss.  I will post more about it soon.  In the meanwhile check out this new clip featuring the HG50 and Jason Ricci.

*** 3/16/08 ***


I am off to the Gindick Jam Camp in Clarksdale, Miss.  I will be there until March 24th and I don't know if I will have internet access.  Please be patient if you email me and I don't respond immediately.  I can also be reached at my cellphone @ 352-817-3679 anytime you need me.  Please feel free
to contact me directly with any amp questions or purchases during this week.   As always, I am here for you anytime you need me and please do not hesistate to call me.  Thanks!

*** 3/12/08 ***

Little Walter was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Here's the footage for your enjoyment!

*** 3/07/08 ***

The information on the HG50 is now updated and can be found under amps and here.

*** 3/05/08 ***

Some more news coming your way today.  Jon Gindick just got with me to let me know about the jam camp in Dallas they recently added.  It is
4 Days in Dallas, Texas April 23-26, 2008 w/ Jon, Jimi Lee, Cheryl Arena, Gerl Welsh, Paul Harrington and daily jamming with Hash Brown Blues Band.  I know I am always talking about Jon's Harmonica Jam Camps here but it is for good reason.  When I first started going to Jon's camps I was a definite beginner.  I remember Jon sitting in the hall with me, giving me one on one time, trying to get me to articulate those notes and make my tone more pronounced.   I have come a long way since then and attended many more camps since then.  Besides Jon, who is an affable harmonica virtuoso and teacher you will find a staff of great players / teachers who are all masters in their own right and can teach within all levels.   It is a comfortable, non-competetive enviorment full of harp players all eager to learn and share.   You will make lifelong friends there and get to your next level. 

Every player I have recommended the camp to has thanked me afterwards and gotten drastically better almost instantly.  The ability to get personalized attention from a professional who can fine tune the skills you have as well as help you figure out what you need to get to the next level is invaluable.  I will be at the Jam Camp in Clarksdale Mississippi coming up and I am sure I will be at many more to come.  Do yourself a favor and try to make one of these camps.  You'll be glad you did!

Click here for more details about the Dallas Jam Camp!

*** 3/04/08 ***

It has been a very busy week.  I got to see the Nighthawks this week in Gainesville at the 1982 club.  I will be on my way to Clarksville, Miss. for the Gindick Jam Camp there in a couple of weeks.  It is sure to be a blast.  If you have never been to a Gindick Jam Camp I highly recommend them.  There is some great talent there and you will learn a lot.  On another note a clip has popped up on Youtube of Jason Ricci playing the HG50. 
The first party is acoustic and the second part is amplified through the HG50..

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