Harp Gear harmonica amplifiers for harp amp players.


Just a note to let you know I have one HG1 left and ready to ship at the sale price of $550 plus shipping.  I also got a picture today form John Sturm out of South Carolina playing at a gig with the HG30.    I love getting these pictures, so please keep sending them in and I will post them here and under players.

I got an email form Paul Routledge ( AKA Kingley ) today.  He sent me a picture of him playing through his HarpGear 1 (5F1 Standard) amplifier at a gig.  Paul is from the UK and a heck of a great player also.  I thought I would share the video with you guys.  There is still a few days left on the sale for the HarpGear 1 amps.  If you are interested in getting one, now is the time.    

I have been playing a lot lately testing amps and one of the many mics I test with is the Bottle 'O Blues Microphone from Jim McBride.  I still can't recommend this mic enough.  If you need a feedback resistant mic that kicks a$$ this mic is a great choice.  I play a green label Shure bullet most of the time on stage because it is what I learned on and it has that mojo but I carry the BOB mic as a backup and I use if almost exclusively for practice.  If you are looking for a mic to learn on it is especially useful.  It is in my opinion better than the dynamic shaker microphone and has a nice thick tone to it I really enjoy.  If you have never heard one you should go over to Jim's site and check it out.  On another note, I have a few more HG1s left on sale.  If you are thinking of taking advantage of the sale let me know so I can hold one for you.
Steve Levine has claimed the Eminence speaker.  Thanks Steve.  It'll be on the way soon.


I have an Eminence 8" 4 ohm 75W speaker available for the taking.   Just email me and let me know that would like the speaker and I will send it out to you.  This speaker will go to the first person who requests it.  Thanks!

Sorry it's been a few days since the update.  I have been busy getting amps shipped and spending some time with the family.  The Mark Hummel seminar went very well on Saturday.  Mark and Larry were great as always and the group really seemed to enjoy themselves.  I am getting some more pictures taken of the few things I still have to give away and I will be putting something up fro grabs tomorrow.  I am also going to offer a great discount on the HarpGear 1 this week.  I am going to offer the HG1 for $550 if you order it unlacquered.  If you wish to have it lacquered I will sell it for $595.  That's $110 off if you order it unlacquered and $65 off if you order it lacquered.  This deal is good until the end of the month.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask and as always thank you for coming by.

One thing I have decided to part with from the collection is my mouse amp I bought from Dennis Gruenling.  This was the mouse he carried with him to the jam camps and seminars and it sounds great.  He replaced the batteries about a year ago and I have kept them maintained.  I haven't used it too much, although I did have a great trip to NOLA with it.  This is something I can't just give away.  I am selling it with the charger in great condition for $250 plus $25 shipping.  There are pictures below and as always please feel free to contact me with questions.

The speaker has found a home with Mike Fugazzi. Thanks to all who emailed about the speaker.  I will be putting some more stuff up in the next day or so.  In the meantime, I am here if you need anything and come see us at the Mark Hummel / Iceman seminar if you get the chance.

I've been getting ready for the seminar on Saturday at 11am-1pm at the Captain and the Cowboy in Apopka, FL with Iceman and Mark Hummel.   Sorry I haven't been able to post much.  I have a Jensen 8" 4ohm MOD speaker avaialble to anyone who can use it.  If you want it, be the first to let me know and I will send it out your way.


The HG2 with free shipping was bought tonight.  Thanks again! 

One other thing I am going to offer today is free shipping on the next HarpGear 2 order.  This offer is good in the continenetal US only and it's good only on the next HG2 that gets ordered.  I am doing these things because I really want to give back to everyone who has so generously given to me over the years.  Once again I want to thank you for visiting and please feel free to get a hold of me anytime with questions you may have. 

Ken Barry emailed me first about the pedal this morning and it's on it's way to him.  I will  be putting more stuff up soon so come back and check it out. 


Here is the first item I will be giving away.  It's a DanElectro BLT Slap Echo pedal (amp not included :o).  It is a great way to add some dimension to your sound.  If you could use an echo pedal be there first to email me and I will send it to you if you are in the continental US.  Otherwise you have to pay for the shipping if you are outside the CONUS.  I will use the date and time indicator on the email to tell who emailed first.  On another note, Mark Hummel and Larry "The Iceman" Eisenberg will be putting on a seminar this Saturday from 11am - 1PM at the Captain and the Cowboy in Apopka, FL.  I will be there with some amps setup for anyone who would like to try one out after the seminar.  If you are interested in attending or need more details please email Iceman.

Lately, I've been cleaning up my shop and I have made a collection of things I am no longer using.  From pedals to speakers to mics.  I will start putting them up randomly on the news section for free.  The first email I get asking for it will get it shipped to them for free.  The only thing I ask is that you only ask for it if you can really use it or don't already have it.  I will put the item and a picture of it up and then it's up to you to email me and let me know you want it.  I can't promise it'll be something you want but it will be blues related.  Thanks a lot for coming by and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


I was talking with Jon Gindick and we were discussing the great camps coming up.  He will have a camp in Portland, OR on May 25th-27th with coaches Jon Gindick, Dennis Gruenling, Richard Sleigh, Grant Dermody, David Lipkind, Ray Beltran and Frank Vorhees.  Two weeks after that on June 15th-17th the camp will be in Tampa, FL with Jon Gindick, Adam Gussow, TC Carr, Cheryl Arena, Jimi Lee and Mark Wilson.   He also told me that “Jon’s Interactive Instructional Video Harp Club” is up and running and has been doing great and receiving a great response.   The core of the harp club is about three hours of videos that totally review embouchure, articulation, breathing and the core stuff that helps people get the sound.  Then there are videos teaching songs, covering aspects of harping in great detail,  jam-alongs, and new stuff all the time.  I really can't recommend Jon's camps and videos enough. When I first started with Jon and his great teachers I couldn't bend reliably.   Since that time I have been to five or six camps and my playing has vastly improved.  It has also helped me network with some other great players and teachers you won't meet anywhere else.  If you go you won't be sorry. These classes are very professionally run with the emphasis on you and your learning.   As you might be able to hear in my descriptions, I am totally for these camps and all the good they do for the harp community.  Now I am off to lacquer cabinets.  Goodnight!


I'm back from Colorado and the Rockers in the Rockies event was great!  Everyone seemed to have a great time and the teachers Jason Ricci, Chris Michalek, Paul Davies, Ronnie Shellist and Michael Rubin all did a phenomenal job.  All of the students were strong players and everyone did a great job.  I really want to thank everyone who came to the event.  It couldn't have been such a fun time and a success without all of you.  It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I hope we can meet again soon.  I have a gallery of pictures of the event for anyone interested in checking it out.  The next event is Gindick's Jam Camp Tampa, FL June 15-17.  I can't recommend Jon's seminars enough.  They will make you a better player and get you to your next level in no time.  Once again, thanks to everyone who made the event a success and I hope we can all get back together soon.


I am off to Boulder, CO for the Rockers in the Rockies with Jason Ricci and the rest of the crew.  I will be away from the computer this weekend and I am unsure if I will find a place to get my mail while I am there.  If you need me or have any questions please call my  phone number at the bottom of every page. It 's my cell number and I am always available and willing to chat.  If I don't answer right away just leave a message and I will call back ASAP.  Lord willing I will be back at my desk on Tuesday to answer any questions you may have.  Until then have a great weekend and remember to practice :o)

I get asked on a pretty regular basis what I use when I play.  So I figured I would post that info for anyone else who was wondering.  I play Hohner Special 20 harps that I customize myself (Thanks to Richard Sleigh and Jason Ricci for teaching me)  I play a green label 520SL Shure green bullet with a vintage controlled magnetic element. I use a Boss RV-5 reverb pedal when I use a pedal at all.  Most of the time I play dry (without effects).   As for amps, you probably can guess that I play HarpGear amps.  I usually choose the amp I will play by the venue.   I carry my harps in a Hetrick Harp Case or a Cumberland leather case depending on where I am at and how many harps I need.  When I am flying I carry a Double Trouble because it works as carry on luggage and has enough power to work in most venues even if I need to mic it.  That pretty much covers it.  To everyone going to the Rockers in the Rockies I am looking forward to seeing you there.   It's going to be a great time!