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*** 1/31/08 ***

It's rare I get up in the morning and find anything that makes me want to update the news right away.  This morning is one of those rare times.  As a lot of you know, I use the Lone Wolf Harp Delay exclusively when I am playing and demoing the amps now.   I was over at  Lone Wolf Blues  this morning looking around and I saw that Ryan Hartt had done a demo video of the Lone Wolf Harp Delay.  If you have been thinking about getting one of these delays or if you have never heard of it I recommend you check it out. Here's the video:


*** 1/30/08 ***

I just got off the phone with Jon Gindick this morning and he has some great camps coming up.   I have attended quite a few jam camps  over the years and I still can't emphasize how great they are.  I see players from every level there who range from the player who can't get a single note to the pro level player looking to polish up his chops.  One thing that always impresses me is how every player has something to offer and how freely they share it.   When everyone shows up  on the first day of the camp you see many tenative faces all around.  Within the first hour it's like a group of old friends hanging out.  Jon brings some of the best talent around to these camps to teach and everyone walks away with something.  I still believe his camps made one of the biggest differences in my playing.  You get the tools and motivation you need at every camp to make huge leaps in your level of play.  I am not a paid endorsee and I mean every word I write here.  People spend lots of money on gear in search of "that sound".  If you haven't tried one of these camps you should because it will make any amp you have sound better and get you closer to "that sound".  Here's a small list of camps coming up soon.  If you get in touch with Jon let him know I sent you.  He'll take good care of you.

Jon’s Blues Harmonica Jam Camps

Austin, Texas January 24-28, 2008
4-Days in Clarksdale, Mississippi March 19-22, 2008
4 Days in Gig Harbor, Washington May 21-24,2008
4- Days in Virginia Beach, VA. Oct.30-Nov.1, 2008

*** 1/21/08 ***

Cumberland Leather Tweed Harmonica Case
Some time ago I got a new harmonica case by Jeffrey Spoor over at Cumberland Custom Cases.   I have been using it for a while now and I thought I would offer my thoughts on it.  I had another one of his cases before that held four harps.  While it was great to carry around for everyday carry it wasn't enough capacity for when I went to a seminars or jams.  This case holds seven harps and it is enough to carry the harps I generally need when I go out. 

I was hesitant to get a bigger case before because it would be too bulky to carry comfortably.  Jeffrey has  made the seven harp cases now so the harps are on their backs and the size of this case is much more convenient to carry then the eight harp case where there are four one each side of the flaps.  This case, like the four harp case I used before, goes with me everywhere.  It's just the right size to not be intrusive in my everyday travels while still allowing me to have all the harps I generally need with me.

The construction is amazing.  You can see from the pictures that the stitching is beautiful and the overall attention to detail is as good as it gets.  One thing some people forget when they get a high quality leather case is that it needs to be broken in.  That's one of my favorite parts of Jeffrey's cases.  When you get them they have that nice stiff high quality leather feel and in short order they are breaking in like a well used baseball glove.  After almost  a month of using my new case it feels nice and soft and it just keeps getting better.  I really can't recommend these cases enough.  I am big on craftsmenship and you can tell it's here when you first open the box.  Every piece I have received from him was a work of art that will last a lifetime with proper care.  The fact he integrated tweed into the design is just icing on the cake. If you are looking for a new case or just want something nice to carry your harps around in I highly recommend you get a hold of Jeffrey
over at Cumberland Custom Cases.

Cumberland Custom Cases!

*** 1/11/08 ***

While Dennis Gruenling was staying here he did a new sound clip for the HG30 .  It is an improvisation off Little Walter's "That's it!"  It goes along with "THE YEAR OF THE WALTER" commentary below.

Click here for the new sound sample of the HG30!

Amp Settings:

Volume: 3
Treble: 4
Middle: 4
Bass: 6

*** 1/10/08 ***

Today I will have a guest news correspondant.  Dennis Gruenling is staying here for a few days and will be doing todays update for you.  I will turn it over to him now..

...this just in...

2008 is officially the "YEAR OF THE WALTER"

In March 2008,  Marion "Little" Walter Jacobs will be inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - "sideman" category. Some folks may not be keen being remembered as a "sideman" and not as his own artist in the Hall of Fame, but I for one am very grateful.

Having been studying and teaching blues harmonica for years, one of the main areas of study and teaching for myself and my students has been how to accompany in a traditional blues band setting, which is an essential part to playing Chicago-style blues harmonica, and Little Walter has set the standard in this area as well.

Many players are familiar with the classic Chess recording of Muddy Waters with Walter backing him up on harp, but if you don't know of some of the other artists he accompanied, you should check out some of this stuff:
- w/Jimmy Rogers (on Chess)
- w/John Brim (on Chess)
- w/Johnny Young (on Testament)
- w/Leroy Foster (re-issued on the Classics label)

For my upcoming new release, which is a tribute to Little Walter, I chose many of my favorite songs where he was not only a bandleader, but where he playes the sideman role. If you don't know the above material, and consider yourself a serious student of blues harp, this stuff is essential! One of the biggest parts of being a great musician is knowing how to play in an accompaniment role without stepping on the other musician's toes, but still adding to the song overall. Little Walter was KING of this, and every blues harp player should be familiar with these essential recordings.

Also be on the lookout for a special Little Walter/Blues Harp issue of Big City Blues Magazine coming out soon...!

I am very proud to proclaim 2008 as the
-Dennis Gruenling

2008 The Year of the Walter!

*** 1/5/08 ***


I hope everyone is having a good new year.  Things at HarpGear are going great and I really appreciate all the great customers, friends and players I have met over the last few years here.  Dennis Gruenling will be here in Ocala at the Tin Cup Tavern with Doug Deming and the Jewel Tones this coming Wednesday January 9th.  Dennis is available for private lessons for anyone locally who is interested.  I spoke with Jason Ricci for some time last nighty and his booking agent is working on booking him at the Tin Cup Tavern also.  So it looks like some great talent will be coming through here very soon.  Once again i hope everyone has the best new year and I will talk to you soon!  As always please feel free to email me or call with any questions.  Thanks!

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