Harp Gear harmonica amplifiers for harp amp players.

*** 8/31/07 ***

Ron Holmes over at Holmes Engineering is giving away some great books on getting heard and working with your harp specific gear. It's under his freebies section.  Good stuff.  Just a heads up.

*** 8/29/07 ***

I just got a lead on a new clip of Charlie Musselwhite playing through his HarpGear 30 at the Blues by the Bay in Eureka CA this last July.   Enjoy.

*** 8/29/07 ***

Sorry for a small lack of updates.  I have been working double duties here on the homefront and  still trying to find time to get out and play.  I am working on plans to make it to The Rockers in the Rockies Oct. 19-21, 2007 with Jason Ricci and his slew of other great teachers. 


Rockers in the Rockies has been moved to Denver, Colorado due to Colorado University Events which are taking over Boulder on October 19-21. The event will now be held at:
Renaissance Denver Hotel
3801 Quebec Street
Denver, Colorado 80207
Phone: 1-303-399-7500

This hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to and from the Denver International Airport, upon request.


That's right folks. We are doing it again -- and this time BIGGER and BETTER. Join us for an exciting advanced harmonica seminar in Denver, Colorado. It didn't seem like it could get any better, but it did. This year we have not 4, but 7 great instructors. Peter "Madcat" Ruth, Chris Michalek, Michael Peloquin, Ronnie Shellist, Paul Davies, George Brooks and "The Sexy Rocker" himself, Jason Ricci. Check out more info about this event and view the email at: Rockers in the Rockies, October 19-21 - Event Info

    Jon Gindick also has some great camps coming up I am trying to get to.  Here's the short list:
Upcoming Camps: .

Boston, Massachusetts September 21-23, 2007
at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Meeting Center, Natick, Near Boston, with Jon Gindick and coaches. Sign up now to start working on your harping and save $50 for early sign-up fee.

Irvine, California, October 12-14, 2007 at the Crowne Plaza, with Jon Gindick, Mark Wilson. Jimi Lee and other coaches. Sign up now to start working on your harping, and save $50.

Austin, Texas, January 24-28, 2008
Five day Executive Jam Camp
with Jon Gindick and Jimi Lee
Downtown Omni Hotel, rooms $149, $219 for suites.
Limited to 15 harp players.
More time, more attention.

I highly recommend taking these great courses because you can never learn enough on the harp and it'll just make your amp sound that much better ;o)  As always I am available to answer any questions amp related or not.  Drop a line and say HI!

*** 8/23/07 ***
I just got back from New Orleans and the trip was great.  I got to play with a New orleans piano player named Mike Hood and it was a ball.  I am sorry I missed a lot of you at SPAH.  I will be there next year for sure.  The dates just didn't work out this year unfortunately.  I did arrive home ot a great gift from one of my friends Adria Draper.  It was a Shag style 3D picture of me playing at a bar.  It is on canvas with the elements done in thin painted foam.  It came out beautifully.  The flash is a little harsh but it gives you the idea.  

*** 8/14/07 ***

I am on my way to New Orleans, LA today.  I will be back on August 21st.  I will still be answering emails and phone calls so feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions at all.  Orders will not be held up by the trip and I will still be accepting them while on the road.  If your in NOLA and know of any good jams or any good music going on please email me or call.  I'd love to meet up with some people on the road.  Thanks!

*** 8/12/07 ***
Adam Gussow over at Modern Blues Harmonica has recently released a new double CD of Nat Riddles live!  I just bought my copy from his site and downloaded it. Man, it is well worth the money.  Nat was such a great player.  If you don't have the CD I recommend you get it.  I am getting to leave for New Orleans on Tuesday.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me at my number on the bottom of the page.  I am always available and I will be working while I am there.  Orders wil not be delayed by the trip.  I will answer questions via email as often as possible.  Please understand if it takes a day or two to get back with you.  I may not have access to a computer the whole time.  I'll update more when I get back on August 21st.

*** 8/8/07 ***

As a follow up to the Mandolin picture, I heard from it's owner.  It is a long time customer Ken Barry.  He sent some more pics of him and some friends jamming using his HG1.  Also there is a video today that was shown to me that has me in it jamming on harp with didgeridoo and taiko drums.  I didn't know I was being recorded but it was a pleasent suprise.   I  warn you this isn't your standard blues.

Ken Barry and his HG1 harp amp

Ken Barry and some mandolin.


*** 8/7/07 ***

I just got a call from John Schaman out of Canada who is at a festival where Carlos del Junco is teaching and performing.  Carlos used John's HG2 today at the seminar and plans to use it tonight at his gig.  I just got off the phone with Carlos and he is interested in getting one of my amps.  He said he has never heard a small amp sound so good and the voicing of the amp is right on for harmonica.  It was a pleasure talking with Carlos and hearing from John again!  I am eager to hear from him after his concert with it tonight.

*** 8/7/07 ***

I just got back from St. Augustine, FL yesterday and now I am getting ready to go to New Orleans, LA.  If anyone is in New Orleans and knows of any good jams going on August 14th - 20th please let me know. I will still be able to handle orders while on the road and there won't be any delays because of the trip.  As of right now I have an HG30 in green and cream available for immediate shipment.  If anyone is coming to central FL and is ever looking for a good jam or some thing to do while in town let me know and we can get together.  John Sturm of John's Music in Hilton Head, SC recently sent me this cool pic of a Flying V mandolin leaned against a HarpGear amp.   He found it on Mandolin Cafe.   It's always cool to see people use the amps for other instruments.   It's a nice looking mandolin too.

*** 8/2/07 ***

I am back form Philly and well rested.  It was a great time while I was there.  The camp was great and I learned a lot.  For my shakuhachi friends you can see some pics and the details at my myspace blog here.  I got a great email and pic this morning from a good customer named Will.

"Hi Brian,

Hope you're well...
A pic for you - Spotlight Cannibal headlining the Anderton's Stage at Guilfest '07 - featuring the HGII...
So far the lovely little amp has done a multitude of gigs, several festivals, three prisons (I'm not kidding!) and an album...
Still going strong!

I have caught up with all emails and orders.  If you have not received an email return from me please resend it.  I had one or two get lost and luckily they were resent to me.  Thanks again for everything and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

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