Harp Gear harmonica amplifiers for harp amp players.

*** 7/24/07 ***
I am on my way to Philadelphia now and I won't be back until 8/1.  If you have any questions please feel free to call (number below) or email.  I may be slow to reply to emails this week but I will do my best.  I can still take orders from the road and there will be no delays in new orders shipping being caused by the trip.  I hope your week is good and I will be back soon!     

*** 7/22/07 ***

Yesterday was the Suncoast Harmonica Club amp taste test.  We all got together and tried each others amps and had a great time.  We spoke a little on amps and what makes them tick.  We also played some jam tracks and jammed for quite a while.  It was a great time.  You can see pictures of the meeting here.   I will be leaving for Philly on 7/24 and I will be back on 7/31.  This may cause a delay in my answering of emails because I don't travel with a laptop.  My hotel should have a business center where I can check my email.   If it doesn't there could be a small lag in answers.  I have been keeping my ship times under 2 weeks from payment and this shouldn't cause any problems with that turnaround.  Please know you can reach me at my cellphone while I am gone.  It is the number at the bottom of the page.  Please don't hesitate to call me if you need anything or have questions.  It will be more reliable than email this week.  As of right now I still have one HG30 left in stock ready to ship.  It can go out Monday before I leave if anyone gets with me before then.  As always please ask any questions you might have and I am always happy to hear from you.  Last but not least, I am still looking for jams in Philly between 7/24 and 7/27 if anyone knows of any.  Thanks!

*** 7/18/07 ***

Philadelphia is drawing nearer and I have been working on getting some amps ready in advance so I don't have any shipping delays.  Right now I have a HG1 Tweed and an HG30 in green and cream tolex ready to ship.  I also am selling one of my Dennis Gruenling microphones.  It is a 60's white label controlled reluctance green bullet in excellent shape.   You can find the auction here.   I have been playing with JT-30 mics lately and I just like the feel of them a little better.  I still use CM and CR elements in my JT-30 shells.  I just like their tone better than the MC-127 or MC-151 elements in the JT-30.  I will also be listing a good ceramic MC-127 element for sale soon.  If you are interested in the element please feel free to get in contact with me.

*** 7/15/07 ***
Been thinking about getting an HG2 lately? 
Well I have a new one listed on ebay you can get slightly discounted!  If you are thinking about getting and HG2 then now is the time.   I am going to be in Philly and NYC July 24-31 and  I will be looking for a blues jam  at that time to go to.  If you are from either of those areas and can recommend anything I would be most appreciative.  I will mainly be looking for the Philly area from the 24th-27th. 

*** 7/14/07 ***

For those of you looking for something different I have a Double Trouble head and extension cabinet combo I am going to be offering for sale this week.  It is a one of a kind in gold and black tolex.  The head cab is seperate and can be used with any 8 ohm speaker cabinet and the extension cabinet is a 1x10"- 2x8" 3 speaker ext cab.  It has 2 weber signature series 8" straight cone speakers and 1- 10" weber signature series ribbed cone in it.   I am going to sell this one for $900 plus shipping which is the same cost as the normal Double Trouble.   With this extension cabinet the amp is louder and has better cut.  The extension cabinet is 20"x20"x10".  The cabinets will have the HarpGear nameplates on them when they ship.  Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.  On a different note the used HG2 is sold.  Thanks!

*** 7/11/07 ***

I just took in a "used" HG2  on trade for a bigger amp and it is now for sale at a reduced rate.  This amp is in like new condition and looks like the day I shipped it.   It is in the older style cabinet but is otherwise exactly the same as a new HG2 with a Weber Signature Series straight cone alnico speaker like the stock HG2.   I went through the amp and tested everything and put new tubes in it as a precaution and now it's ready to go.  The price for this HG2 will be $600 plus shipping and it is available to the first taker.  Please contact me if you are interested in this or any other amp.

HarpGear 2 Harp Amp

*** 7/6/07 ***
The Sonny Jr 1 sold to my friend Brian A. in MN.   For my friends who also play shakuhachi I will be at the KiSuiAn Shakuhachi Camp in West Chester, PA coming up July 24th-31st.  It is hosted by Grandmaster Nyogetsu and will be a great event and learning experience.  I will not have amps with me while I am in PA but if you are in the Philly area and want to meet let me know.  I will still have harps there and I will be on the lookout for any local blues jams.      

*** 7/4/07 ***
Happy 4th of July!   I was just surfing over at JT-30.com and I found an old article that really helped me with my tone and I wanted to share it.  It's an old page on his site but a good one regardless.   It's called Good Tone - What it is and how to get it.   It was one of the first article I found when I was learning to play.  I hope everyone is safe today and have fun!

*** 7/3/07 ***

Recently, I took a Sonny Jr 1 on trade and I am probably going to sell it.  If anyone is interested in adding it to their collection let me know.  It is the export model so not only will it work in the states (120v) but it can be used overseas with the flip of a switch.  Up for 120v and down for the 220/240v selection. (I do ship overseas).  It is a 4x8" amp in lacquered tweed.  It's 48# and is 22"w x 24"h x 10"d and has great tone.  It is the same kind of amp that Kim Wilson used to record the albums "My Blues" and "Tigerman".  It is in great condition and you can see the pics here.  Besides a small superficial scratch on the faceplate (see pics) it is in almost new condition.  I have laminated copies of the instructions, old ads for it and the original receipt.  Last but not least it comes with the heavily padded custom tuki cover it came with.  I got it from the original owner who took great care of it.  There was only #167 of these amps made and they are rare.  If you are interested in it please drop me a line.  Happy 4th of July and be safe.

*** 7/1/07 ***
I've had a few people asking about the HarpGear shirts lately.  So I thought I would repost this link for anyone interested in ordering a shirt.  It is handled by Zazzle and the shirt quality is very good and they ship quickly.  If you get a shirt please feel free to send me a picture of yourself in it for the site if you would like.  I'll post it in the news section.  The front has the slogan"got tone?" and the back has the HarpGear logo and info.  Zazzle will even let you customize the shirt and move the graphics around to your liking.

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