Harp Gear harmonica amplifiers for harp amp players.

*** 9/24/07 ***

  I just uploaded the new HarpGear 2 manual for those interested in downloading it.  Click here to download the PDF version of the manual.

*** 9/22/07 ***

  A quick note to say the HG30 that was on sale is sold.  It'll be on the way to NC on Monday.  I am off to Tampa today to try and catch some good blues.  Have a great weekend!  Please see other news here.     

*** 9/21/07 ***

I just got done getting a batch of amps ready and they'll be off today.  Also, Dennis Gruenling will be playing here in Ocala on November 6th at 8PM at the Tin Cup Tavern.  Prior to the gig he will be putting on a 2-3 hr seminar on playing harp.  Starting around 5pm.  I will post the details when they are 100% solid.  I have been listening to a lot of Billy Gibson lately.  If you haven't heard his stuff I recommend you take a listen when you get a chance.  It's great stuff!  One last thing before I go.  I have a new HG30 in Green and Cream ready to go and I am going to sell this one for $1000.00 plus shipping.  This is only for this one and in the Green and Cream.  It is my way of saying thanks to all my great customers and customers to be.  If you have been kicking it around for a while let me know and I can get it right off to you.  I really appreciate all the great people who come by here and check the news and the site out.  Thanks!  Please see other news here.

*** 9/12/07 ***

I wanted to congratulate Chris Scholz for taking 3rd place in the Bean Blossom Harmonica Contest.  He recently got a Double Trouble and he says he had a great time with it at Bean.  For more details of the contest see the page on Bean over at Bushman Forums.

*** 9/11/07 ***

Just a quick note to let you know the mics have sold.  Thanks. 

*** 9/11/07 ***

I have 2 vintage JT-30 microphones for sale if anyone is interested.  One has an MC-127 ceramic element in it and the other has a vintage hot CM element.  Both of these mics sound great and are from my personal collection.  Both of them are in excellent condition with 1/4" adapters.  I am selling them for $175 each shipped.  Please let me know if you are interested and as always I am available for any questions you might have.

JT-30 Mics for sale.

I have had a few people ask me about what the shakuhachi is in emails and I thought as an aside I would put a clip of me playing the shakuhachi up.   This is me playing a Japanese honkyoku named Choshi on my favorite 2.1 Grass and Wind jinashi shakuhachi.  Click here to listen to Choshi.   I have to warn you it is a little different than you may be used to.  Here is a picture of me playing the shakuhachi on Dauphine St. in New Orleans recently.

New Orleans Shakuhachi

*** 9/10/07 ***
John Schaman sent me some pictures today from Canada.  While he was at a Canadian blues festival there was a seminar where Carlos Del Junco got ot hear John's HG2.  Carlos remarked that he liked it and wanted to use it for his show that night.  Obviously that's a huge compliment and I really appreciate John's time with showing the amp to Carlos.  I heard he enjoyed using it and I have talked to Carlos a few times since then.   As many of you know Carlos is an awesome player but he is an even better person.

Carlos Del Junco
Here's one of the pictures from the gig of Carlos Del Junco with the HG2.

Carlos Del Junco Class
Here is a picture of the class form the seminar.  John Schaman is the gent on the top right.

*** 9/08/07 ***

Tonight I had the pleasure of sitting in for a few songs with a great band from the Tampa area.  They are the Back Alley Blues Band.  They were one of the few bands I have seen in this area that are a true blues band.  They were the type of band that makes it easy to sit in because they are so tight and with it.  The harp player in the band is Joe Sadowski and he was a great player.   They are the type of band that you can feel when they play.  They're not just going through the paces on stage, they are into it and you can tell they have a great time doing it.   Thanks again guys and I will see you again soon.   If you are in the Tampa area or are coming here for vacation I really endorse this band as a must see while you are here. 

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