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The Dallas Harmonica Jam Camp was a great success and I really want to thank all the students and the other coaches.  Jon Gindick has decided to have me be one of the coaches at most of the upcoming jam camps.  So this means there is a great chance we can meet up in person if you decide to attend one of the upcoming camps.  I got to meet some great customers in Dallas this year that I hadn't got to meet in the past.  Besides the ability to learn a great deal about harmonica in a short time at the camps you can also meet up with other people who love the instrument as much as you do.  I am a  member of a Harmonica Club that formed because we all met at a Jon Gindick Jam Camp. There are so many opportunities presented at these camps that I can't recommend them enough.   Here is the current schedule:

May 21-24, 2008 Gig Harbor, Washington State at "The Inn at Gig Harbor" (fly into Seattle/Tacoma Airport) with Jon Gindick, Cheryl Arena,  Grant Dermody, Kim Field, Jimi Lee, Ray Beltran and others.

October 16 through 19, San Diego at incredibly gorgeous Lafayette Hotel Thursday 3pm through Sunday 6pm, at with Jon Gindick, Jimi Lee, Cheryl Arena, Brian Purdy and others.

October 30 to November 2 , Virginia Beach, Virginia at the Surf Side Inn (right on the beach)
Fly into Norfolk Airport with Jon Gindick, Jimi Lee, Cheryl Arena, Adam Gussow,Brian Purdy and other great player/coaches.

March 24-28, 2009, Hobson Commissary and Shack Up Inn, Clarksdale,Mississippi 5 day Jam Camp with Jon Gindick, Jimi Lee, Cheryl Arena, Adam Gussow, Brian Purdy, Billy Gibson.

If you have any questions regarding my experiences at the camps please feel free to contact me anytime.

For more info on Jam Camps, call Jon at 310-457-8278


There are some new Jason Ricci videos with him playing at a large blues festival in Jacksomville, FL.  It is his entire set and quite enjoyable to watch.  It appears to have been professionally done.  In the video you can see at some parts he is having a problem with his mics wireless transmitter that makes him cut in and out a little.  You can see him pushing it back in when it happens.  It is not the amplifier that is causing it to happen.  Now that I made that small disclaimer, I hope you enjoy it.  You can see the videos here.

 I am off to coach at Jon Gindick's Jam Camp in Dallas on Wednesday 4/23/08.  I will be available by phone while I am away and I will check the internet for email as it is possible.   If I don't respond to your emails right away and you need to get a hold of me please call me at 352-817-3679 anytime.  I will be out in the Dallas area in the evenings jamming with the Gindick Camp at local bars there if you want to hang out and play.  Feel free to call me if you would like to meet up in Dallas.

A wonderful , beautiful young lady and musician whom you might be familiar with named Candye Kane is battling pancreatic cancer.   She is such a great wonderful human being who could really use some help right now.  She has been very upbeat about her situation and has to be one of the strongest young ladies around.  She has no health insurance and unfortunately is also unable to perform at this time.  I am sure you can imagine the situation this has put her in.  I have never used this site or my news section to ask anyone to help anyone, but I feel compelled to ask now.   If you can help with a small donation to her paypal account I would be most indebted and I am sure she would be very grateful also.  As many of you know, this business doesn't offer many benefits and sometimes we have to help each other.  If you can donate even $1 that would help.  You can make donations to her with paypal at: candyekanetour@aol.com  For more on her story you can check her blog at her myspace.  I am going to post a small excerpt from her blog here if you have the time.  It is amazing how upbeat she is and it is a great reflection of the beautiful spirit she has.  Like I said before, anything you can give will help enormously.  I appreciate everyone who took the time to read this.  Thanks for your time and as always I am thankful for everyone who stops by this site to visit.

The Good kind of cancer??
I met with my pancreatic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Lowy today. He says I need the Whipple. You can learn more here:


This operation is going to be very intense. They will remove 1/3 of my pancreas, 10 inches of my small intestine, part of my stomach, part of my bile duct and my gall bladder. They will reattach my intestine to my pancreas and may have to take a vein from my neck to rebuild the portal vein that goes to my liver. It is a five to eight hour surgery that will have me in the hospital for at least two weeks; longer if there are complications from the surgery. Often the pancreas tries to digest all the stitches inside the body and so there is good possibility of fluid leakage and I will have to have a port through my stomach so they can drain all the fluid out. It is very dangerous and intense and this is the GOOD kind of cancer!!!!

I have been offered two dates for surgery, one of them is april 18th. The whipple is the only way to remove this tumor 100%. I have read so much about it and many people have tried to eradicate the NETs (neuroendocrine tumors) thru vitamin C therapies, laetrile therapies and other alternative medicines to no avail. Now that I have had a needle biopsy the tumor may grow more quickly. I read about one woman whose tumor grew twice its size in one month after a needle biopsy!! I am really worried now about my European tours because if I get pancreatitis again then they wont be able to operate on me for weeks. Pancreatitis is caused by stress and poor diet. Lack of sleep adds to stress. Being in a van bouncing around all day adds to stress. Long drives add to stress. Weird food at strange hours leads to stress. Jet lag leads to stress. I am still trying to decide if I am going or not. This news today was most upsetting.

I was supposed to do some workshops with my special needs kids in the Netherlands this week, in anticipation of our scheduled tour on June 21. I think now I will have to cancel the workshops, and tours and have this intense surgery on April 18th so I can get on the road to recovery and maybe resume working in June.

I am very worried about this surgery. Being a fat girl doesn’t help things in the surgical realm. But I have lost 10 lbs so far just from giving up dairy, fried anything, red meat, coffee, sugar, sodas, starches, fats and bread other than Ezekial. I am staying active, riding my bike, still juicing and trying to be as strong as possible for this surgery. I will definitely be skinnier when this is all over and hopefully, cancer free!! I will have the surgery at UCSD Thornton Hospital in La Jolla.

The first benefit for me is planned for April 20th at Perqs in Huntington Beach 117 Main St 92648 (714) 960-9996 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. My friends Desiree Martinez and Carlos Guitarlos have assembled an amazing array of my friends to perform: Janiva Magness, Juke Logan, Cesar Rosas from Los Los Lobos, Phil Alvin, Billy Sheets, Lynwood Slim, Laurie Morvan. Kid Ramos, The Gears, Gil T, Jeff and Kurt Ross, Thomas Yearsley, Greg Boaz, Jungle Juice and The Kooks. If you can attend, please do. I wont be there since I will have just had surgery but I will be there in spirit.

The next one is May 5th at Humphreys in San Diego. Chet Cannon has organized this one and confirmed are Sue Palmer, Billy Watson, Ruby and the Red Hots, Michelle Lundeen, Chris Klich, Robbie Smith, Scottie Blinn, Juke Logan, Joey Harris, Heine and Missy Andersen. If you’d like to play contact chet at blushouter@aol.com

My friend Barbara Hammerman is planning a benefit in the seattle area. If you would like to play, please contact Giginthenarrows@aol.com

Rosie Flores is also planning a benefit in Austin with my friends Susan Antone and Margaret Moser. To play the Antones benefit, please contact Rosie at chickwpick@earthlink.net

My heart is so full from all the love and white light you have been sending me. I will be laid up for several months after this surgery and so all of these benefits will help pay for my living expenses and medi-cal co-pays, and help the band survive with no work. I am very pleased that I qualified for co-pay medi-cal, only because I have a child under 21. If I didn’t have a child under 21, I would have to apply for social security. When I spoke to the social worker about it, he said, "Yes, some people just expire while they are waiting for SSI." !!!! He said people just EXPIRE like a carton of milk or some old lunch meat. It was so sad. It was a harsh realization that poor people’s lives don’t matter in this rich country of ours. Wow. I am lucky to have a kid under 21 but in just two years, it will be over and I will be ineligible. I don’t know how I will have the follow up care and scans I will need! Oh well, one day at a time…..

I am so lucky and blessed in so many ways. I have so many of YOU rallying for me. They found the tumor early. It has not spread anywhere. I have no symptoms. Im fat so I can stand to lose some of the weight thru this surgery. Other than being very scared and sad occasionally, I feel great.

I am still staying optimistic and I have written this little song I sing daily:

Im gonna be just fine.
Im gonna be just fine
Im gonna live till 109
Im gonna be just fine

Im gonna grow real old
Im gonna grow real old
A white haired lady with a lotta soul
Im gonna grow real old

Grandbabies on my knee
Grandbabies on my knee
I love them and they love me
Grandbabies on my knee

Im healing even now
Im healing even now
Show the world exactly how
Im healing even now.

Please keep those healing thoughts a coming….and any donations you can muster at www.paypal.com user name, candyekanetour@aol.com

Wish this were all an april fools joke….


 I just got a letter yesterday from a student I worked with out at Jon Gindick's Jam Camp in Clarksdale, MS last month.  I thought I would share it for those who have written and asked me if the camps really help get you to the next level.

One month post Clarksdale has made me realize how much I had actually absorbed from being there. I want you know how much I appreciated your help in our one on one lesson.  Because you took time to focus on where I was in my playing and then recommended various practice methods I have improved emensely. Also, there were so many great player/students there, I was somewhat intimidated and started to get a bit discouraged as to where I was in my playing. Your class in the back room on Saturday morning made me see that it was alright to be right where I was for now. You made recommendations on how and what to practice and said with time it will come. So, bottom line, you lifted my spirits and encouraged me to keep working at the harp and made me realize that with time and the correct practice, good tone and playin will be possible. Thanks a million.

I appreciate the letter Jeff.  I was a student of Jon's Jam Camps for years and my ability to teach and play like I do came from all the experiences I had there and with the teachers I met while attending Jon's jam camps.  I still have a long way to go myself and just like you, I work on it daily and I get closer all the time.  I really want to thank Jon for bringing me on as a coach.  The experience has been extremely rewarding and I hope to meet many more of you at the jam camps in the future.  
If you have any questions about anything please feel free to contact me anytime.

 I just got back yesterday from spending a week on the road with Jason Ricci and it was a great experience.  I got to meet quite a few harp players along the way and it was a pleasure.  I can't say how much of a learning experience it is to be with a great band like that for any period of time.  If you get the chance to see Jason Ricci and New Blood on the road I highly recommend it.  You can find more info on the band and their tour dates at: JasonRicci.com.  I will be in Dallas next week coaching at the Gindick Jam Camp.  If you haven't made it to one of his jam camps you should try to attend one.  He along with a staff of the best instructors provides an intensive 4 days of harp guaranteed to get you to your next level.    I will be there from 4/23 - 4/27.  If you have any questions about anything please feel free to contact me anytime.

 I will be away from the computer for a few days on the road.  If anyone needs me for any reason please feel free to call me.  The show in Ocala with Jason went great and we had a great showing.  I really want to thank everyone who showed up last night for the support.  We are working on putting another great show on at the Ritz in Ocala soon with some other great performers.  Once again, please don't hesitate to call me with any questions and please have patience if you email.  Thank you!  352-817-3679


I will be in Cocoa Beach with Jason Ricci tomorrow for his Beach Shack Gig for anyone in the area that wants to get together down there.  On Monday night he will be hosting the Beach Shack Blues Jam.  Tuesday will find us back here in Ocala, FL where he will be playing at the Ritz Historic Inn.  I hope to see anyone who can make it.


Some good news here at HarpGear.  I will now be carrying the Lone Wolf Harp Delay for those who wish to buy one when they are purchasing their amp.  You can find my review of this delay pedal under the news section.  As far as I am concerned it is the best delay on the market as of now.   I will also have them for sale with me when I am at Gindick's Jam Camps or any other seminars.  I really want to thank Randy over at Lone Wolf for working with me on making the delay pedal available to my customers directly.  If you are looking to order just the pedal please see his website  and you can order them directly form his site.  Randy is a great guy with great service.  On to the next topic:

Jason Ricci recently had a show venue change here in Ocala, FL and I wanted to list it for those who swing by here to get the latest on whats going on.

Jason Ricci and the New Blood will be performing at the Ritz Historic Inn
on Tuesday April 8th 2008.  The performance is 8pm - 12am.  Cover is $5.00

The Ritz is located at:

1205 E Silver Springs Blvd
Ocala, FL 34470
(352) 671-9300


The Ritz Historic Inn is a quaint bed and breakfast style inn which offers beautiful suites for anyone looking to spend the night.  The Ritz is offering suites starting from $89.95 - $139.95 with Jacuzzi suites for $199.95.  So if you are travelling to see Jason you may wish to take advantage of these great room rates.  To get these room rates please mention Mike or Roger.  The Ritz has a full bar with the cheapest drink prices in town all night long.  We hope to see you there.

For more info on Jason Ricci and the New Blood see: http://www.jasonricci.com

For more information on the Ritz Historic Inn please see: http://www.ritzhistoricinn.com/

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