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I just spoke with Ron Holmes over at Holmes Engineering recently and spoke with him about his new Harp Commander 3 he has recently designed and released.  He is offering to send free copies of the instructions via PDF to anyone who is interested in getting to know more about this great piece of equipment.  I have used both the Harp Commander 1 and 2 and I can definitely say that Ron builds great stuff!  I recommend you check him out.


Sorry I have been gone a few days but I have been working hard on getting amps out to everyone and recovering from the last few weekends events.  I want to thank the Suncoast Harmonica Club for having me.  I did a class there on how to setup harps and do some tuning.  They were very gracious and I also want to thank Ray for hosting the club at his house and feeding us so well.  Also, thanks to James Turner for the great CM element.  You should drop him a line if you need any mics or elements.  So far from what I have seen he only deals with high quality stock.  Also, I got wind of a Double Trouble with a Tuki cover on ebay for a great price.  So if you have been thinking about it now may be the time for you. 

Last night was the Satan and Adam gig at the Tin Cup Tavern in Ocala, FL and man was it a great time.  They were in the groove and the magic was happening.  This was the closest I have come to seeing them play like they did on their CDs and the films I have seen of them.  After the first set they turned up and the place came alive.  I also got to watch and hear Mr. Magee (AKA Mr. Satan) use the Double Trouble amp to play his guitar through for the gig.  I recorded Adam playing Thunky Fing at the gig and like I said, They were smokin!  I bought an extra copy of Adam's new book "Journeyman's Road" while I was there and I had it signed by both Adam and Mr. Magee.  I will be doing a review on the site of the book soon and I am going to give this copy away to someone when I do the review.  So stay tuned to the news section and I will let you know how to get the signed copy of the book.  There are only a few copies of the book with both signatures so this will be a great addition to your blues library.  If you are interested in a slightly used Double Trouble that Mr. Magee used to play this gig please contact me.  It was also played by Adam this weekend at the Tampa Jam Camp in the videos below.  It was new before the weekend and is still in perfect shape.  It will sell for a slightly reduced price.



I just uploaded the pics of the Tampa Jam Camp. You can see the gallery here.   I am sorry if they aren't all high quality but they're better than nothing :o) 


Pascal  Lemaire just sent me a video of him demoing and showing the HG30 from Belgium.  Pascal was a great guy to deal with and I really thank him for the video.  It shows him playing his amp against very loud music and it also gives you a mini tour of the amp and its controls.  Thanks Pascal!  See more of todays news below the video also.

I'm back from the Tampa Jam Camp and it was great.  Spending a weekend surrounded by 35 other students who love the harp and an eager teaching staff who so freely gives their  knowledge is more than one can ask for.  I would like to thank Jon Gindick and Mark Wilson for putting the camp together and doing such a great job of organizing it.  Next I owe more than words can express to the teachers who took the time to come out share so much.  Adam Gussow of Satan and Adam , Jimi Lee of Austin, Cheryl Arena of Texas and our very own T.C. Carr from Tampa.  Adam Gussow has recently written a book called "Journeyman's Road" which has so far been an excellent read that I can't put down.  It's actually the reason I am at the keyboard writing so late.  I finally decided I had to put it down and get to work.  If you get it you won't be sorry.  Stay tuned for a full review of the book after I complete it.  I had a great time interfacing with all of the student's also.  Jon Gindick performed one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard at the camp during the final jam and it was one of the best performances of the day.  The late night's up and listening to Jimi and Cheryl play were also definite highlights.  I want to thank James Turner for selling me two great JT-30 mics.  You will often times see him on Ebay selling microphones under the seller name bloozefish37.  I highly recommend you contact him if you are in need of a good mic.  Now it's on to later tonight when Satan and Adam will be performing here in Ocala FL at the Tin Cup Tavern.  The show starts at 8pm and goes until 11pm.  Adam will have books and CDs there with him as well as his new DVD of his Youtube.com  harmonica lessons.   It would be a great place to buy them is you are looking to have them hand signed.  I will posting pictures from the Jam Camp later for your viewing pleasure and until then have a great day / night.  I leave you with the trailer for the new Satan and Adam Documentary.

I got a cool MP3 interview from my harp teacher Larry "The Iceman" Eisenberg of an interview with Big Walter Horton.   It's about 5M and well worth the download.  So now I am off to Tampa for the Gindick Jam Camp.  It's going to be nice to drive to one of the camps instead of flying for once.  If you are going please let me know so I can look for you.  I am sorry if I am slow to respond to email this weekend.  I won't be around a computer much.  Just call my number if you need me and I will make sure I get you taken care of.


So I found some footage of Little Walter on youtube today.  It may not be new to you guys but it was to me.  I thought I would share it here.


Sorry I am not keeping up lately with the posts under the news section.  I have been working on orders and ensuring they go out promptly.  I wanted to give the heads up that Satan and Adam will be playing at the Tin Cup Tavern in Ocala, FL Monday June 18th 2007.  It is a treat you won't want to miss and I hope everyone in driving distance can make it.  I will also be at the Gindick Jam Camp in Tampa this coming weekend.  If you plan to be there let me know so I can expect to meet you.  Until next time...

Hot off the press, Adam Gussow of Satan and Adam will be doing a seminar in Atlanta with the Atlanta Harmonica Enthusiasts Club.   Jim McBride from Bottle 'O Blues harp mics just sent me a link to the details.   If you can at all make it to the seminar it will be very beneficial.  I have taken lessons from Adam and attended seminars with him and he is a great teacher and player.  I will be attending a Gindick Jam Camp in Tampa next weekend where Adam will also be teaching.   I try to never miss an event where Adam is the teacher.

The Overview:

Who:  Adam Gussow
Central Congregational Church  - see this page for directions
2676 Clairmont Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA.  30329

I received a picture of my friend Lenny Citrano in CA playing through his HarpGear 1 recently.  You can find a video of him playing under the reviews section.  He's at Burbank's Legendary Dive, The Riverbottom.  I have had a few emails asking if the mouse listed below is still available and it is.  If you are interested please let me know.

It's just about 2 weeks until the Tampa, FL Gindick Jam Camp.  Also, Satan and Adam will be playing in Ocala, FL at the Tin Cup Tavern on  6/18/07.  If you haven't ever seen these guys you won't want to miss it.  They are legends and Adam is one of the best harp players around.  If you are attending the camp you can also see them in Tampa right before the camp.  If you can make it to one of Gindick's camp I recommend it highly.  It's a great place to meet and hang out with other harp players and the teachers are top notch. 

Gindick's Tampa Jam Camp:  Tampa, Florida June 15,16,17, 2007 at The Westshore Hilton Hotel and Executive Meeting Center, with Jon, Adam Gussow, TC Carre, Cheryl Arena, Jimi Lee, Mark Wilson.