Harp Gear harmonica amplifiers for harp amp players.

HarpGear Users Page
This is the page where I post pictures of all the great people who play HarpGear amps. From the bedroom player to the professional  musician we have them here.   HarpGear amps are made for all levels of harp player.  If you have a picture of yourself with a HarpGear amp please email it to me and I will put it up.  Just let me know where you were and I will make sure it gets posted.

Jason Ricci with his HG50

Jason Ricci with his HG50!

Terry Bolinger with his Double Trouble at Tipatina's New Orleans.
Photos courtesy: Gretchen Tufts

J. Stephan Edwards with his band "The Blues Agave Band"

Paul Routledge  - Kingley

Paul Routledge AKA Kingley with his HG1 5F1

Shawn Gober

Shawn Gober playing Zydeco in Birmingham AL.

Guy DeRosa playing a Double Trouble with Casey and the Broken Hearts.

John Sturm of John's Music in Hilton Head, SC playing through his HG30.

Gary O'Riley