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I am on my way to Logan, OH tomorrow and I may be difficult to get a hold of.  Please leave a voice message and I will check them as often as possible.  I have been told there is no internet where I will be and the cell phone service is pretty non existant.   I will be back Monday night and get back with everyone who emails me ASAP.  Thanks again!!


Jon Gindick just sent out one of his newsletters listing all of his free youtube lessons and the current dates and teachers for his Jam Camps.  Jon also has a video harp club with a ton of very useful lessons that I highly recommend you check out. I will be teaching at some of his upcoming camps he has listed on his website.  I hope to meet you at one of his Jam Camps soon!  Please check out Jon and everything he offers at Gindick.com!


My friend Scott Knickerson has a great deal for someone looking for an HG50.  He is listing his HG50 on ebay for a greatly reduced price.  Click here to see more about this deal.  On a different note, I just spent the last weekend with Jason Ricci and the New Blood and as always there shows were great.  They have a new drummer named Ed Michaels and he is a monster.  He is a great addition and I was glad to see him become part of the band.   Once again, thanks to everyone and as always, feel free to write or call with any questions.

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