Rockin Ron's Music For Less!!! The number one place to buy harmonicas and related items!!!
Jason Ricci - All around Bad Ass Musician and HarpGear Endorser.
RJ Harman - One of my best friends and one of the baddest harp players I know!
Jon Gindick's Harmonica Jam Camp
Custom  Harp Cases - Maker of my new harp case!
Shaker Harmonica Microphones- A great mic made for harp players everywhere.
Adam Gussow's Modern Blues Harmonica
Dennis Gruenling - All around awesome harp player!
Bottle O Blues Harp Mics
Cumberland Harmonica Cases - Home of some of the best harp cases around!
Harmonica Jam!
Lone Wolf Harp Delay - The delay pedal for the serious harp player.
Harp Mic Gaskets - If you need a custom mic gasket they got 'em.
Suncoast Harmonica Club - My home Harmonica Club from the Tampa area!
Pearl Custom Harmonicas
Zach Pomerleau- Harmonica Player