HarpGear.com The Standard 5F1 Review
Review by Larry "The Iceman" Eisenberg

I just took Brian's "Standard SF1" amp on a test drive through my BOSE PAS
system, setting it up outside in an industrial park area.

The BOSE PAS system is the ultimate CLEANEST sounding system available. It is
a great representation of the true sound of whatever it is fed.

The "Standard SF1" is a great sounding, punchycrunchy harmonica unit.

We ran the line out high impedence signal directly into the BOSE PAS and
played. It sounded great - plenty of room for punching notes as well as finessing
them, all with that rich, dark and savory Chicago tone.

Brian muffled his amp completely, front and rear, with heavy duty moving
blankets, hugging them into place. It effectively cut off the sound eminating from
the "Standard SF1". What was left was only the sound of the BOSE PAS.

The sound was almost exactly the same, a very satisfying crunchy Chicago tone
with plenty of headroom.

Impressive, indeed.

We pushed the volume up. The result was a full bodied representation of a
wonderful vintage harmonica amp sound that filled the air around the industrial
park without feedback concerns.

Here is a new concept that combines an affordable small tweed amp with an
output for direct into the pa (a la harp commander) that actually works and
sounds great.


The Iceman