Welcome to Yung Flutes Workshop, home of professional shakuhachi maker Perry Yung. In 2002, I became the only shakuhachi maker ever supported by both American and Japanese governments to live in Japan to specifically study shakuhachi making. I studied under a master maker and master teachers of shakuhachi music. It is my deepest pleasure to share with you the shakuhachi in the highest light.

"I feel that Perry Yung's emergence on the scene of the shakuhachi world is one of the most exciting developements in a long time; one that many shakuhachi players have been waiting for." - Michael Chikuzen Gould - shakuhachi master, Dokyoku style.

This is a used 1.8 Chikusing model shakuhachi made from Chinese Madake bamboo. This one came back after about nine months for a upgraded shakuhachi, proof that my world's best shakuhachi guarantee works. If you purchase this flute, you too will have one year to upgrade with full value on the trade-in.

This fine instrument is made from a piece of GOME bamboo that had died and cured (dried) in the ground. This is an attractive attribute for many shakuhachi collectors as it results in a darker, mottled natural exterior. This shakuhachi has a wide sized bore so it takes the beginner's breath easier and produces a warm, hollow and "bambooey" sound. The experienced player can play sweetly or push it to the overtone buzz sound. Please know that this is not the kind of shakuhachi made in Japan or by myself for traditional study of Sankyoku but geared for solo Zen Honkyoku music. This a nice functional musical instrument capable of all the advanced fingerings and able of handling intermediate to advanced Honkyoku in the way I understand it.


Hear the tuning

I am playing this piece in the Dokyoku style in the way I learned it in Japan from Kinya Sogawa, whjo studied under Katsuya Yokoyama, who studied under the famous Monk, Watazumido. Notice the fast action and responsiveness on the Tuning file.

This shakuhachi would normally sell for $500 - $600 directly.

  • 1.8 pitched between D and D#
  • 21" length X 1 1/4" Diameter
  • GOME Bamboo
  • Bound in mono filiment line to prevent cracking
  • Clean crisp fingerholes to facilitate shakuhachi techniques such as Atari and Nayashi.
  • Includes Introductory Shakuhachi Guide and CD
  • Leather utaguchi protective cap
  • Shakuhachi storage bag
  • Full technical support M-F, 9am - 5pm (646) 942-7540
  • The best Full Refund or exchange guarantee in the world.
  • Includes the Yung Flutes Shakuhachi Care kit valued at $36!
  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING now a flat rate of $33

    Sogawa Style Acrylic Bone inlay. Standard angles for access to shakuhachi embouchure techniques.

    Meaty, rounded back for comfort.

    Crisp, clean finger holes for clear tones and proper functionality for fingering techniques.

    Beautiful root.

    Included in this auction is The Yung Flutes Care Kit which includes The CHIKUSING Leather Utaguchi Cap, sturdy corduroy shakuhachi bag

    And my Shakuhachi introductory booklet with CD

    My proud hanko (signature stamp).

    The YUNG ONE YEAR GUARANTY, for those who are lucky to have a good teacher nearby, you have one year to trade in the flute for an upgraded YUNG Flutes shakuhachi. I will give you 100% in trade-in value towards a higher end instrument. You will not find a comparable guaranty anywhere in the world.